Meet Virginia


Hello my name is Virginia ...

 And I am delighted to share my unique chronic pain story with you in hopes for some self reflection that it is possible for a healthy recovery within your whole system one step at a time.

I had a well balanced lifestyle with a plethora of activities socially, a bustling, passionate career as a Hair Stylist who also had training in aesthetics. Meditation was a part of my lifestyle, concerts and dinner events, many friends who were my family and I traveled regularly before owning and operating my own business. 

A Motor Vehicle Collision ...

 Threw my whole life into a standstill. My whiplash was misdiagnosed significantly and a 6 plus year trail of Chronic Pain became my new life. Time and time again with the typical western medical doctors and a team of regular chiro, physio and massage, my whole body continued to tighten up. Disheartening experiences of deep tissue massage, rolfing method and many IMS sessions left me with more tears and more chronic tension. Nothing was working to release the cycle of held trauma and damage in my whole body; inside and out. 

My breaking moment was when my holistic massage therapist recommended a NUCCA professional. Within 2 sessions inside one week, my pain shifted from an 8.5/10 to approximately a 5/10. This was a golden moment, although I was still so angry from all the years with managing Chronic Pain on my own, I seemingly had lost my youthfulness through the process. I agreed to a 2 year program, for affordability reasons (no health insurance of any kind) and to this day still maintain a proactive health regime quarterly, with hardly any adjustments at The Vital Posture clinic here in NW Calgary.

Realization of ...

 Light Touch Therapies were my main therapies for supporting chronic tension, due to my nervous system being stuck in hyper-arousal or known as 'constant alert'. This meant I had glimpses of feeling and sensing with levels of pain management; (3/10).  Even though I had no Health Insurance Plan, commitment to cumulative light touch therapy was the most important decision I made. I took charge of my health regime. It wasn't fun to cut back 60% of financial and social outings. 

The light touch therapies included: 

*Hot Stone massage with essential oils, which soothed my chronic pain 

*Craniosacral Therapy which enhanced nervous system health as a messaging center for vitality *Nucca which aligned my cervical spine to reset whole body structurally 

*Restorative and Yin Yoga which assisted in calming my body and expanding connective tissue fluids for flexibility and recovery. Later I was able to incorporate: 

*Thai Yoga Massage/Bodywork, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Somatic Movement to promote optimal levels of health. 

And that is why I am trained and certified in most of these modalities today, as living proof as to the importance of the essence of touch.

I regained the natural rhythms of my body slowly, over many many years of peeling the layers of held tissue and cellular trauma that no medical doctor ever spoke about let alone had any educational information on or any direction toward. This is my shared experience and why I am so passionate about supporting others with similar symptoms, fears, diminished confidence and lowered self-esteem. I have been there too.

Universal Insights and Opportunities ...

Light Touch therapeutic modalities are of hundreds and hundreds of years in the making. We are in an era filled with new studies, leading Science based research and experiential findings for pain management. 

Listen to what your body is whispering to you and allow your mind to sit in the background to observe the positive outcome of a light touch practice; professional services and self-care tools. 

Imagine the shifts of your daily living circumstances, enhancing your spirit and a life with more freedom to move physically with improved sleep habits and so much more. 

I look forward to hearing from you, so we can facilitate a healthy regime to suit your lifestyle. I take into account all aspects of your daily routine and habits, with suggestions to manifesting your thoughts, your physical posture and alignment, to setting daily goals and observing your inner challenges. 

Join me, take your next steps ... One step at a time as a measurement for success!  

About Virginia

  As a compassionate, innovative Registered Yoga Teacher as well a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Somatic Movement and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, Virginia has facilitated and held space for clients to thrive towards a more genuine, inner relationship with their bodies through Light Touch Therapy techniques, in Alberta and BC. Virginia’s private practice in Calgary supports natural shifts & healing of the mind and body on all levels emotionally and cellular by accessing health within your Nervous System. She strongly believes in the importance of holistic health, integrating a few light touch practice styles to address the root issues of 

whole body interaction. 

 Virginia is passionate about individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. Not only helping guide them through their journey to better recovery, but also so they understand that health is a deeply rich and soulful journey that is intricately intertwined with one’s life. She infuses her passion for light touch therapies, energy work, supportive movements practices with breathing techniques as a part of her integrative practice in Calgary, which include: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage / Bodywork, Restorative / Yin Yoga, Somatic Movement while incorporating Essential Oil sessions. 

Her light touch therapy involves the body’s natural energy meridians via foundational acupuncture theory and organ/muscle relationships, with applied reflexology techniques on visceral contact points which encompasses the whole body, thus relieving chronic pain and tension. Movement therapy comes into play to ease rigidity, tension and stiffness to reset how your brain connects and responds to the new processes, thus effective for whiplash and pain management.  Working with essential oils often positively enhances areas within the sensory system, producing feel good responses as the nerves are in close proximity to the brain, organs and vertebrae. 

These combinations empower your nervous system and brain to access a harmonious state of well-being offering a natural biodynamic process to heal more readily and optimize long term function, thus reassuring for sensitivities with touch.

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Our Concept


Our Mission ...

 Is to create awareness through a cumulative set of Therapeutic, Holistic and Somatic wellness practices as a complementary light touch modality, addressing the Integrative mind/body system as a whole. Your pain management experience is individual to your needs and your success is determined by the process of unwinding and releasing held patterns within your system over a committed journey for recovery.   

Our Vision ...

 Is to be inspirational for healing & learning, expanding knowledge & understanding by the means of moving energy within the body via light touch techniques for recovery. Our vision is to hold space with pure intention, for a wealth of gratitude, a generosity of spirit and an open neutral mind, connecting one another through community.  

We empower you with new understanding and sense of inner awareness, reconnecting your body, mind and spirit with tools for daily life. We offer an open approach with our clients, accessing Integrative Light Touch self-care techniques, geared to meet your comfort levels and where you are in your journey with pain management.

Client Raves ...

 "I am a terrible sleeper, and get up on average 3-4 times per night.  After a 30 minute Bio Craniosacral Therapy session with Virginia, I realized the next morning that I had slept through the night without waking up. Thanks Virginia for the treatment and the much needed rest!" - M.A., 33 year old professional female

"I was impressed with Virgnia's sensitive approach to my emotional needs of being a first time mother and professional. She delicately suggested that combining 2 of her light touch modalities were best for my session; to help calm my nervous system, get the deep rest I was desperate for and to support lowering my stress on all levels. I came out feeling very refreshed, collected, understood and grounded after 90 minutes. What a blessing. Thanks again." - Tailor, 31 year old 

Curious ...

 It always hurts when I get a massage cause they always get in there too deep and it's painful for days after. How effective is light touch work? - Ali

Light Touch techniques with repetition, positively affects the imprinting of the pathways to brain messaging centers in activating one' Relaxation Response to allow chronic pain to let go, so your body can feel deeply soothed and nurtured, naturally. This encourages elasticity of fluids to express freely, boosting integrated system on a whole for recovery to occur.

~ Contemplation & Wellness ~


"We have a built in, innate field for energy to move within. The Earth element rounds and heightens its' energy, shifting support and hosts a grounding quality. Metal element is concentrated energy; about finding your internal compass. Water element moves into a flow of coherence and a quality of floating energy for release and renewal.  Where Wood element establishes movement with the rise and creative growth of energy. While Fire element is about focus and  generating direction; expanding and rising in our vibrational source. Emerging yet another shift toward a sense of completion, so a natural form enables our energy field to cycle once again."

( Earth - Metal - Water - Wood - Fire ) 

- Virginia Masse