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Educational Information and Benefits :

Our skin is our largest organ, and it can be very sensitive and responsive. Mother-infant separation post birth is common in Western culture. Early skin-to-skin contact (SSC) begins ideally at birth and involves placing the naked baby, perhaps not covering the head with a dry cap and a warm blanket across the back of the mothers' arm, while prone on the mother’s bare chest. According to mammalian neuroscience, the intimate contact inherent in this place (habitat) evokes neurobehaviors ensuring fulfillment of basic biological needs. This time may represent a psychophysiologically ‘sensitive period’ for programming future physiology and behavior.

In retrospection to chronic pain, whiplash and or sensitivities to light touch therapy techniques, re-building a new found relationship is vital. A human system recalls positive, memory imprinting with the success of light touch given.

Known as the 'feel good or feedback receptors', our body's old sensory messaging loop starts to attain healthy new pathways for improved function when cumulative downloading takes place.

Something simple, such as cuddling makes us happier! When you're physically close to someone, you tend to feel happier and healthier. According to Women's Health Magazine, "touching someone releases dopamine and serotonin, both of which can boost your mood and curb depression." Intimacy is healthy. The human touch, professional or personal has been shown to drop a person's level of cortisol, the main biological culprit of stress. As Roberta Lee of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York explains, "Cortisol suppresses the immune response. Anything that increases the relaxation response triggers the restoration of your immune response", as in craniosacral therapy and or incorporating essential oils.

The result: Your body is more able to fight off viruses, inflammation and produce positive memory, making you happier and healthier.

Oxytocin does more than help us bond and potentially increase happiness. Since increased levels of oxytocin help you relax and reduce high blood pressure, it could also be connected with better sleep alongside your partner, Rachel E. Salas of the Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep, suggested as educational information.



Mindful natural movement, light touch, energetic awareness and forms of meditation are used to integrate and assist in shifting the accumulation of daily stress. By learning to activate our Relaxation Response mechanics through light touch, mainly our Vagus Nerve within our Parasympathetic nervous system chain, we can produce feel good memories and the positive, repetitive feedback loop allows our brain to recreate new pathways to accepting and improve our own overall health. That is a mouthful!

Thus resulting in an integrative, whole body/mind/spirit approach to wellness and self-care through our own natural healing abilities to reset, renew and restore the holding patterns which may contribute to the findings of dis-ease. 

An Integrative Light Touch approach to healing may include chewing your food longer, different voluntary movements of your body, tools to aid in calming the Nervous System which include light touch therapy at varying body locations and your breath, along with having the power of a sense of community and belonging. This may encompass listening and moving to music, participating in art therapies, gardening, the use of sacred oils, plant and flower essences and elixirs. Mother nature and aspects to cooking with all the social interactions as well as choosing to be around natural bodies of water as often as possible and having more contact, literally with the earth or the ground. 

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Each session includes a mini consult to device a personal plan due to evolving circumstances!

Each session includes a mini consult to device a personal plan due to evolving circumstances!

Discover Integrative Light Touch ...

Educational Information and Benefits :

Effleurage technique is of two types. The first is a superficial stroking movement designed to produce a sensory reaction, either of relaxation (slow stroking) or stimulation (fast stroking).

The second is a deep action aimed at assisting lymphatic and venous drainage. With this superficial technique, the practitioner may prefer to maintain skin contact with a light stroking action as the hand is returned to the starting position. The advantage of this technique is that the movement is continuous. It is in my experience that this form of light touch profoundly assisted in reducing chronic pain, managed whiplash symptoms and reestablished more neutral sensitivities to touch.

Light effleurage is mainly used in the Signature Aromatherapy and Thai Massage (Head,Hand,Foot) sessions, to spread oil, acclimatize the recipient of the touch and assist in deeper relaxation. In addition, the lightness of the touch helps the practitioner to feel altered areas of tissue tension which may release during or after any layers of essential oil application. 

Petrissage strokes belong to the “kneading” category. Their perceived effects are to stretch soft tissue and increase blood circulation locally in the muscle and connective tissue. It has been shown to improve performance in relation to recovery from muscle stiffness and experienced lower-limb fatigue (Ogai et al. 2008). Research also indicates that petrissage can create a reduction in alpha motor neuron activity and thus have a relaxing effect (Sullivan et al. 1991). 

The stroke pushes, squeezes, and/or grasps the massaged, soft tissue.  Palm heel, lifting and s-stroke petrissage are mainly used. The s-stroke has the strongest stretch effect on muscles and connective tissue. It is, when needed, used on the erector spinea muscles during the session as they have a 'graspable' edge.

Incorporating these self-care techniques on a daily basis, reinstated healthy sensory feedback, so my body recognized and accepted light touch therapy. Thus the challenging baby steps developed a positive mind body response.

What are the Key Benefits of Light Touch:

* Nervous system support

* Immune System improvement

* Chronic Pain relief

* Gentle for post Whiplash / Injury

* Sensitives with being touched

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I always ask for the clients' permission prior to starting every session to facilitate empowerment.

I always ask for the clients' permission prior to starting every session to facilitate empowerment.

Integrative Light Touch Modalities

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

 BCST is about restoring your nervous system back into a natural state of balance, in order to support itself to attain whole body health, to cellular levels.   

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Signature Somatics

 Somatics brings muscles to optimum resting length & function, increases circulation, enhances awareness + control & injury prevention.

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Signature Aromatherapy

Enhances health to the recipients’ central nervous system, optimizes immune system & organ function related to spinal connectivity. 

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Signature Thai Massage

 Freedom from pain results from unhindered flow of vital energies through our connective tissues with regular, cumulative Thai Massage to improve sleep & lower stress.

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Signature Yoga

A fresh class design, blending elements & key aspects of Traditional Yin, Restorative Yoga & Somatic movement for enrichment and freedom to stiff, inflexible tight bodies. 

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Pick Up a Package

A signature package awaits your personal needs, grouping up to 10 therapeutic sessions with added perks for a  proactive, cumulative health regime; 12 weeks.

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