The Nitty Gritty Details

Service Time & Fees

Every appointment includes an approximate 15 minute consult, whereby the remaining time is for hands on client session. 

  60 mins - $90

  75 mins - $115

  90 mins - $135

105 mins - $155

Upcoming Events or News

Starting 2020, Uniq Creations welcomes support of Sound Frequency Therapy, Chakra/Energy Therapy, Reiki/Intuitive Health Therapy & Meditation.  

Stay tuned for upcoming information/education sessions.

Sliding Payment Scale

We at Uniq Creations honor those courageous to come forward in a discussion for affordable payment. We value all clients to have access to light touch health modalities,  as a system of 'paying it forward' within building our community.

Referrals & Partnership

We value our clients' loyalty and welcome referrals for those who are committed to their health journey. Refer one from you, another from them and a perk from us!

Payment Type

Uniq Creations receives payment via cash, credit card and e transfer, due upon or before session booking/completion.  

Health Coverage

We are a proud member in good standing with NHPC; Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. This is applicable for clients who have Health Spending Accounts / Flex Plans. 

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Client Wellness Forms

Come in 10 minutes early to fill a Disclaimer and applicable Forms; for discussion at the appointmen


Memberships & Organizations